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Testimonials for Author Elaine Calloway,
How To Self Publish Your Novel:

Photo of Willena for testimonial

Willena Moye, Author of Unblock! Says:
Elaine helped me format and post my book on Smashwords. I feel sometimes like I am stuck in the 19th century when it comes to working with computer stuff, but Elaine made it clear with easy to follow directions. 


Testimonial Image - SRP PublishingSummer Stephens, SRP Publishing says:

When I first met Elaine Calloway, she’d just finished writing her first novel. It was brilliant—the agents and editors she pitched to told her so. But it did not fit conveniently under any one “genre” label. When Elaine realized how true this was, she decided to publish it herself.

That was five years ago. Today:

  • Elaine has eight books out (two series).
  • Has achieved “bestseller” status on Amazon (when she had no idea what she was doing, really – she just published her book to see what would happen).
  • A huge fanbase of readers who beg for her next book (incessantly).
  • Teaches workshops to teach other writers to do it too.

And all while working a full time “day” job.

As a publisher, I value my relationship with Elaine, an expert in the industry and a respected source of information. As a writer, I value her friendship, the hours she has allowed me to pick her brain over salads and wine, and the advice and suggestions she’s given me.

If you are considering publishing your own book (and I highly recommend it), first you need to write a good book! Then you need this woman to walk you through the process and do what she says. She will help you lay the groundwork for your own success, and she will love watching you achieve your dreams as a published author.


Richard photoRichard Hernaman Allen, Student of Marketing for Authors Course, says:

This is a very readable, well-organised short course which gives self-publishing writers an enormous amount of help in increasing their readership.


Author Nancy Northcott says:

The vast sea of options for social media promotion can be confusing. Elaine Calloway’s concise, informative lessons offer authors practical guidance on choosing the ones that work for them and using them effectively. Very helpful!


Angela J Ford Author PhotoAuthor Angela J Ford says:

Elaine’s email course is fantastic. Book marketing is often a barrier for authors and this course takes you step-by-step through laying the right foundation for your book marketing efforts. It helped me come up with creative ideas for marketing my own books. Well worth the time and energy!